REINS: Regional Equine Information Network System

What is REINS?

The Regional Equine Information Network System (REINS) Program is dedicated to the education of equine enthusiasts throughout the state and continued growth of the Ohio horse industry. To achieve this mission and sustain the growth of the Ohio horse industry, the REINS Program will

  • educate all interested equine enthusiasts throughout the State of Ohio through regional REINS organizations with county and regional Extension professional guidance;
  • provide appropriate educational experiences relative to issues impacting the industry providing enrichment opportunities for clientele regardless of breed affiliation, expertise, age or industry involvement;
  • support multi-disciplinary efforts between OSU Extension and agribusiness to address new and emerging issues;
  • disseminate research-based, scientific information applicable to industry needs;
  • foster leadership and volunteerism in adults; and
  • establish an organized team of REINS volunteers and Extension professionals dedicated to achieving these common goals.


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